Renting residential or commercial real estate in Mumbai is usually done under Leave and License. Registration of the leave and license document proves the validity and applicability of the document. To prove a dispute between the parties, the agreement must be presented to the courts. However, if such an agreement is not registered, such an agreement is not applicable and is not authorized by the Tribunal. In the state of Maharashtra, leave and license agreement must be registered compulsorily for any period, including for less than one year. More details on the blog. The provisions of leave and license are contained in the INDIAN EASEMENT ACT, 1882 in SS. 52 TO 64 inclusive. The implementation of these provisions is governed by the MAHARASHTRA RENT CONTROL ACT, 1999. Anulom has done pioneering work in the service of registering holidays and home licenses and is an authorized service provider with the lowest fees! DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR HOLIDAY AND LICENSE REGISTRATION (NO HARD COPY IS REQUIRED) – > licensor (lessor): Aadhar card number and licensed > PAN card number (tenant): Aadhar card number and PAN card number > object documents: either land number, survey number, hissa number or a land survey number valid in the region COPIES – > Leave and License Format Model > Registered copy of the contract Put your friends on board and win the Rs 50 to its first transaction. We have our backs. Get an additional discount of Rs 50 if you complete your payment within the first 2 days. Six Sigma certified and working style is used as a case study worldwide….