CONSIDERING that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the Energy Conservation Act and the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act allow for inter-judicial cooperation and coordination in project review; and 12.3 When a review by one party as part of a project-specific agreement reveals inconsistencies in the amount charged to the other party and a quick solution between the parties is unattainable, an independent auditor acceptable to both parties will resolve the problem. 5.5 After the report is submitted, the Agency maintains the public registry in accordance with its usual procedures and procedures. The AER will continue to maintain records of the procedure and report in accordance with its usual procedures and procedures. With respect to the completion of the environmental assessment, the registry will contain all documents that will be taken into account in the environmental assessment, from the referral of the project to a review body until the final declaration of decision by the federal Minister of the Environment is issued. 5.4 At the conclusion of the joint review of the project, the joint review body establishes a report. The report contains a summary in canada`s two official languages. The report will outline the reasons, conclusions and recommendations of the joint review body regarding the environmental impact of the project, including all mitigation measures and follow-up programs, as well as a synthesis of public comments, including Aboriginal individuals and groups. The report is forwarded to the federal Minister of the Environment within the overall time frame set by the federal Minister of the Environment for the review. The report will also contain the written decision of the joint review body, for reasons, as provided for in section 35 of paragraph 35 of paragraph 35 of this opinion. 15.1 The parties will annually review the implementation of the agreement and the effectiveness of the cooperative environmental assessment process and report to the President of the Canadian Environment Agency and the Assistant Minister of the Alberta Department of the Environment within 90 days of the end of each calendar year. CONSIDERING that Canada and Alberta recognize that environmental impact assessment is an important environmental management tool that contributes to the goal of sustainable development; and considering that Canada and Alberta are committed to establishing working relationships between legal systems to ensure more efficient and effective management of the environment; and CONSIDERING that Canada and Alberta agree that if one of them has an assessment of the environmental impacts of a project, there may be other cooperative measures in the best interests of the environment, to improve government decision-making and that, in the spirit and intent of the partial agreement and the objectives of the CCME agreement on harmonization 2. , the Joint Review Advisory Team will recommend a mandate to meet each party`s environmental assessment requirements and to take into account all contributions received by public participation in accordance with Section 10.2 (b) of this agreement.