This agreement uses the calendar date on which the lessor and the tenant entered it as one of their means of identification. This will be the first detail you enter into these documents. It should be generated in months and calendar days in the first empty line at the top of the page, and then record the year as a double-digit calendar year in the second empty line. If the landlord gives the tenant the opportunity to extend this agreement after it has been successfully concluded, you must activate the second control box of this article. This requires that you add their language to the number of days (before the termination date) that the tenant must indicate as notification of the renewal intention. Do it on the surface after the “Providing At Least” dialogue Among the benefits for investors are stable long-term income with the possibility of increasing the capital of the underlying property. Investors can invest in quality real estate without having to worry about management operations such as vacancy factors, rent improvement fees or rental fees. When the underlying real estate is sold, investors can invest their capital in another triple net investment without paying taxes through a deferred tax exchange of 1031. .