The Hallström Group
100 years’ experience in sheet metal work. Nordsamverk Hallström AB is part of the Hallström Group, based in Nälden, Jämtland, Sweden. Since 1914, we have refined steel into a range of different products, from wash bowls to ventilation, chimneys and autopsy tables. We have a total of about 200 employees, sales of SEK 360 million and also include the following companies:

HALLSTRÖMS VERKSTÄDER AB is a modern industrial business with its head office in Nälden, Jämtland. Production is generally focused on pipes and ventilation products. Hallströms Verkstäder has sales worth about SEK 250 million and about 130 employees. The company was founded in 1914 and is now run by the third generation of the Hallströms. Short paths for decision-making and an entrepreneurial spirit provide opportunities for special production according to customers’

HALLSTRÖMS OY, Helsinki. Hallströms Oy was founded in January 2004. The company’s main task is to be the Hallström Group’s logistical centre for the Finnish market. It manufactures spiral-seamed piping, primarily for the Finnish market, on its premises, as well as keeping some stocks of piping components. Hallstroms OY has sales worth around SEK 23 million and 5 employees.

NÄLDENS VÄRMEINDUSTRI AB manufactures chimneys and accessories, primarily for the Scandinavian market. It also produces large items for industry and boiler houses, and complete module systems for residential buildings. It has its own powder coating facilities, which are also used by other companies. Näldens Värmeindustri’s annual sales are around SEK 70 million and it has about 40 employees.[/fusion_text][/four_fifth]