The Industrial Relations Act (LRA) provides for the creation of negotiating councils for each of the most important sectors in South Africa. Bargaining councils are made up of representatives of major unions and employer groups in each sector, whose main objective is to reach consensus on the conditions of their specific sectors. The terms agreed by the councils are contained in a collective or principal contract. The main agreement allows each sector to develop appropriate conditions for this sector, through a consensus between work and employers. The legal deductions in the main agreement of the bargaining council, deductions and employer contributions in the main agreement of the bargaining council continue to apply to all payments mentioned in the years (a) to e). Similarly, employer contributions to legal obligations and contributions prescribed in the main agreement of the bargaining council will continue to be carried out. In response to the Covid 19 pandemic (“agreement”), the National Textile Bargaining Council entered into a collective agreement “COVID-19”. The agreement was extended to non-parties within the meaning of Section 32 (2) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (“LRA”). This means that any party within the scope of the bargaining council, whether or not it is a party to the agreement, is bound by the agreement. The extension of the agreement will take effect from 7 April 2020 until 28 February 2022. The agreement has already been binding since 26 March 2020 for the members of the Negotiating Council and for certain additional designated parties.

This is the second negotiating council to reach such an agreement after the agreement of the Bargaining Council for the Apparel Industry. . PROTOCOL OUTLINE: Patients are stratified according to age in case of onset of symptoms (0-2 months vs. 2-6 months vs. more than 6 months). Physical Address: 170 Flanders Drive, Mount Edgecombe, 4300 National Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare Industry Physical Address: F.G. Black Building, 169 Haupt Street, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth, 6001 Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council The decision to participate in a study is an important personal decision. Talk to your doctor and family or friends about the decision to visit a trial. To learn more about this study, you or your doctor can contact the research staff of the study on the contacts listed below. To learn more about clinical studies, see general information.

Fax: (011) 675 0870 / (086) 557 0850 / Secretary Fax: – (086) 557 5392 . Address: Private Bag x4089, KORSTEN. P.E. , 6014. Fax: (031) 201-9788 E-mail: Website: Postal Address: Private Bag X16, MUSGRAVE, 4062 Physical Address: Head Office, 461 King Dinuzulu Road (South), Berea, 4062. Physical Address: Suite 107, Premiere Centre, 451 Main Road, Observatory, 7925 Physical Address: 1st floor, stone house, Stonefountain Terrace, 95 Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch, 7700 Tel: (011) 832 1180/1/1/1/2/3/4 Fax: (011) 832 1192 / (086) 575 3826 E-mail: Patients are followed once a month for 6 months, then every 3 months. Physical Address: Ground Floor, 14 Nugget Street, City and Suburban, JHB, 2001 Physical Address: 260 Basden Avenue, Public Service Bargaining Centre, Lyttelton, 0176 (b) Week 2: (end Sunday, April 5, 2020): a full weekly salary, payable by the employer.