As a general rule, sellers want definitions of confidential information to be formulated as broadly as possible to protect proprietary information. Conversely, buyers tend to prefer less integrative definitions to mitigate potential responsibilities. A BSG that is the subject of fierce negotiations and nuances generally contains a compensation clause for liability for losses resulting from misrepresentations and violations of guarantees, alliances and other agreements. The compensation clause may be considered an exclusive remedy or a non-exclusive remedy to assert these rights. As an exclusive remedy, the compensation provisions should specify when and how claims should be filed, processed and paid for, as well as any payment and liability restrictions or qualifications. As a general rule, the acceptance of an exclusive remedy would constitute a waiver of the parties to all remedies that would otherwise be available under existing legislation. However, there are exceptions to this exclusivity in cases of fraud, intentional offences, intentional misconduct and appropriate remedies. Before agreeing to buy shares in a private company, the potential buyer will generally try to obtain a professional valuation and establish a detailed sales contract. This view is discussed on the general process of selling shares and what the buyer and seller are expected to do at each stage. 3. Reverse triangular mergers – the buyer`s subsidiary merges for the purpose (the target survives and the buyer`s subsidiary ceases to exist).

This clause is usually very short, but it protects the buyer`s interests, namely that he obtains good and good ownership of the shares he buys. A share purchase agreement (SPA) is an agreement that defines the terms of sale and purchase of shares of a company. The buyer follows in the seller`s footsteps as a shareholder or director, but the employees, contracts, real estate, etc. of the company remain the property of the company. The transfer of the company`s assets is therefore not necessary, so a sale of shares can often be completed without the participation of third parties. The purchase of shares is therefore often much more discreet than a purchase of assets. Specific meanings should be assigned to certain words in each contract, in order to be precise or change the meaning of words, as they are commonly used in certain sectors or contexts. While certain words or phrases may be defined in the text body of a contract, all words or phrases with critical, ambiguous meanings or long definitions or explanations should be included in the Definitions section. This is especially useful for recurring words, phrases or concepts.

Any defined term should first be in quotation marks, so it is clear that this is a defined term, bold (so it is easy to find) and capitalize the first letter of each defined word, so that it is clear, throughout the agreement, that if the word is in such a form, it is actually a defined term and may be less easily misunderstood (as is the case in this article).