When it is time to introduce the new agreement for existing tenants, the application helps to report them personally, to prove that they were aware of the changes and confirmed them. If you simply send the new agreement and ask the tenants to sign and come back, you are taking a risk. In order to encourage participation, you should consider holding a contest or organizing an incentive, such as the Promise. B not to raise rates for a specified period of time or to waive late fees. The most important is the word included, that is, your rent payment for the following month or the duration indicates your consent to this (s) modification (s) of the rental agreement. If you do not accept these changes, please evacuate the premises and consider that the lease be terminated until the date (indicated in the notice). The memory functions then follow into the memory price equation. “If a manager does his job, there shouldn`t be any surprises,” said Kelly Epps, a real estate manager at Pioneer Stor-Lok in Columbus, GA, who said she sat down with clients to make sure they understand their leases. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to understand all the documents you have signed. Here`s a guide to what you need to know about self-cancellation and legal contracts. Each self-rental contract is different, but many cover these four areas. The communication could be as follows: “The effective date of X, the Y provision of the lease is amended to provide that the late fee is now charged on 5 at the rate of $10 per month.

Don`t forget to review your agreement for any language that can extend the time you need to give to make a change. Overall, Simply Self Storage is a solid self-storage option that ranks among the best self-storage companies in the industry. However, if you intend to make substantial changes to the nature of your relationship with existing tenants, it is always best to personally sign a new lease. Sometimes you can simply add an endorsement to the lease; but at the end of the day, a wet ink signature from your tenant, preferably in your presence, is required. In the self-storage sector, the contract is not only the legal agreement between you and the consumer, but also a marketing tool. For this reason, the first essential part of your contract is aesthetics. It should be concise and printed in readable characters on as few pages as possible. It should display your company logo and contact information. Depending on the self-management software you use and the changes you want to make, it can be a “hybrid” problem. For example, I don`t know of any software that can handle two late fee rates and other fees at the same time. Even if you want to phase in your new agreement over a six-month period, all existing tenants will need to be updated on new late fees, deposit fees and other fees for the new agreement, so that your software can record the booking with a single set of variables.

While Simply Self Storage isn`t as big as some of the other national self-storage brands, it still offers features you won`t find on Uncle Joe`s Storage Co. on the go. Murphy Klasing, a lawyer with the law firm Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski and Zuber P.C., has a wide range of appellate, arbitration and litigation experience and has been successful in numerous litigations. With more than a decade of experience in the self-storage industry, he served as an advisor for Public Storage Inc. in Texas, and defended issues with charges of offenses, code violations, employment issues, fraud, negligence, bodily harm, liability for premises and theft.