Unmarked Food Services: Martin Tree Service is not responsible for damage to underground sprinklers, drainage lines, invisible fences or land cables/power lines, unless the system (s) is properly and accurately mapped by the self-rting part and a copy is presented before or at the time of work. It is the customer`s responsibility to call 811 and request a site for all utilities on site at least 48 hours before the start of a dumb elimination project. Martin Tree Service will notify IUPPS of the request at the customer`s written request. Additional work: Any additional work or equipment necessary to complete the work that is caused by the fact that the agents are not disclosed or caused by unknown foreign materials in the tree trunk, in the branches, underground or any other state that is not recognizable when estimating the declared work, are paid by the customer at our normal T-M rate. The first page of this simple contract describes the work to be done and may include options if the arboreal service provides other methods for the work they propose. It also contains your permission signature, which is your consent for the tree department to do the work as described above. The arboriculture of ornamental and shaded trees is carried out by Acme Tree Service certified arborists. Acme Tree Service is fully insured and all workers are insured by work allowance, property damage, public liability and comprehensive corporate insurance. Press release: Martin Tree Service may record videos, audio and/or images of the project`s progress to be used for advertising purposes. By accepting this agreement, the customer grants Martin Tree Service the right to use, publish and reproduce Martin Tree Service for any use and format chosen on each medium. In addition, the customer waives all rights to obtain compensation for the use of these media.

Debris removal: All debris from tree sprains and removals must be cleaned daily before leaving the site, unless otherwise coordinated by the contractor and the manager. All lawns must be watered, streets and sidewalks must be cleaned on site and all brushes, branches and tree trunks that were the direct result of the project are removed from the site, unless otherwise stated in the written contract or in the written edition. Agreement and power: By accepting, the client declares that he is fully entitled to sign the contract for the work indicated at the agreed address at which the work is to be completed. This is the whole agreement between the parties, and all discussions, negotiations and prior representations will be incorporated into and replaced by this contract, and the client cannot rely on issues prior to this contract or oral agreements before, during or after the date of the agreement. Note that the following example should only be considered as an example and should not be used as a formal and binding legal document. A real employment contract should be executed by a lawyer. This example, however, gives you an idea of what your contract should cover when you purchase arboreal services. The client ensures that all trees, plant materials and land on which the work is to be carried out belong to him or that the work authorization has been obtained from the owner. Acme Tree Service, Inc.

must be kept free of all claims arising from the Customer`s non-issuance of such authorization. Limited warranty: All trees and plants provided by Martin Tree Service are guaranteed from the installation date for a full one-year replacement. This guarantee does not apply to trees, shrubs or plants that have been replaced under this warranty.