The article states that ”if the two sides are unable to reach an agreement by the end of the year, Ankara could face a dilemma as to whether it should advance the deal with Britain and risk breaching EU rules. Cavusoglu acknowledged that this would be a ”bizarre situation”, adding that the UK was a ”strategic ally”. At the time of signature of this Treaty, the property, rights and interests the restitution of which is provided for in Article 65. liquidated by the authorities of one of the High Contracting Parties, that Contracting Party shall be exempted from the obligation to restore such property, rights and interest by paying the proceeds of liquidation to the owner. Where the joint arbitration tribunal provided for in Section V finds, at the request of the owner, that the liquidation has not been carried out under conditions which guarantee the achievement of a reasonable price, it shall be empowered, in the event of agreement between the parties, to order the deposit of the proceeds of the liquidation in an amount it deems appropriate. These assets, rights and interests will be restored if payment is not made within two months of the agreement concluded with the owner or according to the aforementioned decision of the Mixed Court of Arbitration. ”Our negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement have intensified in recent times,” Ümi̇t Yalçin, Turkey`s ambassador to London, said in an email. ”We are happy to be on the same side on most important issues with Britain. We believe that we will soon be able to conclude our discussions. Of course, the statement I read does not cover specific points of this kind, but there is a consensus that the two countries will reach a long-term final agreement and that such issues would undoubtedly be taken into consideration. Can the honourable Member say whether, given that there is already an agreement between Turkey and Russia on the passage of 955 Russian ships in the Black Sea, will such an agreement be included in the terms of the final agreement? The remuneration of the President and the Secretary-General shall be fixed by mutual agreement between the Governments concerned and such remuneration and the general expenses of the Tribunal shall be paid equally by both Governments.