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Nordsamverk Hallström AB was founded by factory owner John Hallström from Nälden. He studied in Stockholm and then worked as a foreman in Oskarshamn. In 1938, he moved back to Östersund, in Jämtland, and started Östersunds Rostfria Verkstad.

For many years, the company manufactured kitchen sinks, linings and other specially-produced stainless steel items. What is now the company’s speciality started in the mid-1960s. This is equipment for the transport and management of sterile goods for operating rooms, autopsy tables, operating room sinks, control units, catering trolleys and other specialist products for managing sterile items in hospital environments.

Unfortunately, the company had financial difficulties and, in 1973, the company was reconstructed following a bankruptcy and given the name Nordsamverk.

For the next 30 years, Nordsamverk was run by Clas Hallström, civil engineer, who designs most of the company’s products.

Nils Åke Hallström (a nephew of the founder) has owned the company since 1990. The products have evolved, but the company’s focus is the same, sterile hospital environments. The business has recently been supplemented with a unit for subcontracting, which includes manufacturing several hundred snow guns each year, installation work in sewage and waterworks, as well as tailor-made interior fittings in stainless steel. Nordsamverk has been located in its own, considerably larger and customised premises since 2006. Our annual sales are around SEK 17 million and we have 17 employees.