Nordsamverk Hallström AB in Östersund signed before the summer a supply agreement with Skanska for the production of medical furniture. It is the company’s largest single order and includes engineering, lock, storage and robot cabinet with a value of over 4.0 million seconds.

The total order extends over a few years and to 6.7 million. Besides hospital products subcontract snow cannons to Sufag AB and biogas parts for leading companies who build biogas plants, MMG consultant. For both Östersund-business sales have more than doubled compared with the previous year.

To cope with the increased demand has five employees were hired. Three permanent and two temporary employment. Nordsamverk is unique as a specialist in the processing of sheet metal, stainless.

We manufacture everything from autopsy tables to water and purification plants, bar, restaurant and shop fittings. Our flexible production means that we have all sorts of special assignments from clients to manufacture. Is it possible to do, we do it!